Speaking Tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia

To Change Everything: An Anarchist Appeal
Speaking Tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia

Climate change, economic crisis, unrest from Ferguson to Sarajevo, and now the looming threat of war: the prevailing order is unsustainable in every way. Today, even the entrenched representatives of the status quo admit that it is necessary to change everything. But the best they can come up with is to appeal to the same authorities and values that caused these problems in the first place. What would it mean to change everything?

In this presentation, speakers from Czech Republic, Slovenia, and the United States discuss the struggles that are unfolding around the world and describe the anarchist alternative to lives of servitude and strife. This tour is part of a worldwide initiative by the CrimethInc. collective supporting a free multimedia introduction to anarchism in 20 languages, including Czech. Please join us for a lively conversation!

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To Change Everything